Moving house at the speed of light

As part of handling some of our growth, we’ve spent the weekend moving some of our critical services to a new ISP. Actually we started this process several weeks ago, one-by-one forwarding parts of the Cleanfeed service via their new home. Quite a major upheaval, but you didn’t notice anything, right? Good.

As a bonus we’ve started the process of opening up a globally-diverse set of relay servers, so all users can begin to get some of the benefits that our ‘enterprise’ customers have been enjoying for a while now.

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Welcome to our blog

So, it turns out we’re better at building streaming audio systems than we are at social media!

This blog is an attempt to change that, as well as a place to let our hair down a little.

We hope to share useful and interesting information relating to Cleanfeed. Or it could just be an elaborate April Fools joke, only time will tell…