A podcast approach that’s straightforward and agile

I haven’t appeared as guest on a podcast in a while, so it was interesting to appear on Chris Smith’s Podtastic Audio recently. Within a few hours, Chris went from recording session to a published podcast that sounds great — a nice reminder that a technical workflow for a podcast needn’t be over-complex to get professional results.

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What’s the best way to do a remote interview for a podcast?

This question comes up a lot in forums. and we love it that podcasters are realising the creative potential of having guests from anywhere in the world. Though there’s some useful information to answer the question, there’s also some mis-information, and even downright complicated solutions.

Here at Cleanfeed we’ve got access to a range of broadcast and recording engineers, so let’s use some experience to discuss these options, and perhaps even set the record straight in some cases!

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Opening up Cleanfeed Pro for more individuals

We started Cleanfeed to enable people to create great content; by connecting the world in live, high definition audio.

Today we’re announcing a small change to our definition of ‘individual’ (previously ‘personal’) use. It means more podcasters and individuals can benefit from Cleanfeed Pro at over 35% off the full price. And our standard Cleanfeed is still available for all, for free, too.

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Refining the recording process

In any field, unncessary workflow changes can be frustrating. And, unlike your audio editing software, Cleanfeed isn’t a tool you sit inside of all day every day; instead returning to it just when you need it. So we take extra care in development and design to make sure the workflow is familiar when you do log in; it’s a professional tool, so you need to hit the ground running.

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Beta testing with the Apple iPhone

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re now beta testing limited support for Cleanfeed (guests only) on Apple portable iOS devices. This means it’s possible to record or do a live interview with a guest on an iPhone or iPad. The ‘too long, didn’t read’ version of this is… try it! But many people have expressed an interest in the details, so here’s a little more.

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Want to record Skype? Use Cleanfeed

It’s a simple request: to record an interview with a co-host or guest in another location.

Today I’m excited to share something we’ve wanted to do for a while now; pre-configured recording directly in Cleanfeed itself.

You get the quality of Cleanfeed and no need for extra recording hardware. Just join your guests to a Cleanfeed session and press ‘record’. It’s available today in beta.

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Remote pair programming with Cleanfeed

I just came out of a radio interview with Andy Davis from Tenkai Solutions. Andy is both an experienced developer and an expert on recruitment methods for technical jobs.

One of the things he’s a great advocate of is “pair programming“, and he was explaining how he’s been using Cleanfeed instead of Skype, to send and receive the audio when working with other coders remotely.

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Moving house at the speed of light

As part of handling some of our growth, we’ve spent the weekend moving some of our critical services to a new ISP. Actually we started this process several weeks ago, one-by-one forwarding parts of the Cleanfeed service via their new home. Quite a major upheaval, but you didn’t notice anything, right? Good.

As a bonus we’ve started the process of opening up a globally-diverse set of relay servers, so all users can begin to get some of the benefits that our ‘enterprise’ customers have been enjoying for a while now.

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Welcome to our blog

So, it turns out we’re better at building streaming audio systems than we are at social media!

This blog is an attempt to change that, as well as a place to let our hair down a little.

We hope to share useful and interesting information relating to Cleanfeed. Or it could just be an elaborate April Fools joke, only time will tell…