Markers in Audition and Reaper

Last week we announced a new Markers and notes feature and today we’re extending that with support for more editing applications.

The new supported applications that we’re adding today are the popular Adobe Audition and powerful Reaper DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations.)

This means you can now export your markers and notes from a Cleanfeed recording into any of these applications:

The Reaper software is particularly impressive for its customisability and scripting. It’s a personal favourite of mine, and popular on podcasting forums and amongst power users.

Adobe Audition has its own dedicated markers file. This is because it has several of its own quirks, including that its markers are in TSV format file, masquerading as CSV format. Thankfully you don’t need to worry about this — just use the Audition-specific file.

This, and other considerations are documented in our best practices for editors when working with Cleanfeed recordings; and if you think there’s something should be added then let us know.

So with Cleanfeed markers building strength, this feature is even more usable across productions like podcasts, journalism and audio drama.