Summer in the cities

We’re between the UK and the US this summer. And with weather in London that’s been almost like Los Angeles, it’s time for a newsletter. Whether you’re broadcaster, podcaster or producer, here’s a roundup of some of the things we’ve been doing recently.

Cleanfeed Pro

We launched Cleanfeed Pro, the montly subscription upgrade, with extra features like the clips player, multiple local sources, and more control over audio. Many of you have already chosen to upgrade — thank you.

If you haven’t made the decision yet, this week we added a new option to try it first; from Get Pro on the main screen.

You’ll find a comparison of features and pricing on our website. An audible watermark will be heard throughout the trial, but all of the features are available so you can decide if it’s for you.

Repair and echo cancellation (Pro)

Guest on a laptop with no headphones? You’ve asked us if we could help where someone doesn’t have professional equipment. No problem, Pro users can now select Echo cancel from the audio controls.

The best bit is it doesn’t require your guest to do anything, you control this from the studio. It’s an individual control, too, so you can easily mix these guests with regular ones.

For best results, ‘clean’ audio is preferred — headphones are always recommended.

Better metering

A new level meter helps you to judge volume levels better. Did you know that the meters in Cleanfeed are modelled on professional PPM meters?

Audio engine

The Cleanfeed audio engine is the most advanced yet. We made a couple of changes to address some issues with high-end audio hardware, and smoother audio performance all round.

This follows the recording improvements made earlier in the year.

Channel controls (Pro)

If you’re running stereo sessions you’ve probably come across devices which only appear in the left or right channel only. With Cleanfeed Pro you have the option to take either channel or a mono mix.

Volume control and mixing (Pro)

Set your levels and go. Granular volume control gives independent adjustment of every source in a Cleanfeed session.

Get great recordings straight out of Cleanfeed and spend less time making corrections later.

iPhone and iPad beta

Almost all of our updates benefit our beta for iPhone or iPad users, who can be guests (not studio-side, yet) on a Cleanfeed session.

Improvements here are steady and often depend on updates from Apple. Please treat the beta like an untamed animal, and keep sending feedback.

If you’re not a Pro user just yet, don’t worry. We welcome you on board and it’s great to have you using Cleanfeed. These features still come as standard and are free to get started:

  • Crystal-clear mono or stereo audio, up to thousands of miles
  • Multiple guests ‘conferencing’
  • Recording split tracks (local/remote)

Whatever you’re creating, we hope you enjoy the recent changes and thanks for using Cleanfeed!