Recording updates for radio and podcasters

Recently we introduced Cleanfeed’s recording to the wider world as beta, and we’ve been making some updates based on your feedback (the written type, not the audio-artefact type!)

We want Cleanfeed’s recording to be the best in the business. When compared to some of the other options available, the highlights are:

  • recording of both sides of the session (not just the local audio)
  • not just 2-way calls, Cleanfeed can do 3 way, 4 way and more
  • no lengthy times for extra processing required at the end
  • full privacy and encryption — our servers never have access to your audio
  • oh, and Cleanfeed doesn’t cost anything 🙂

With the recent updates, on the surface not much has changed. The same simple and clear controls are still there.

The most important fixes have been ‘under the hood’, mainly to improve reliability and stability, and give better performance on newer browsers.

Whilst we expected Cleanfeed to be suited to short recordings like voiceover artists, quite a number of people have been asking for long recordings of whole podcasts and shows, and we’re happy to oblige! There are some technical limitations placed on us by the web browsers we are building on, so for now your long recordings will be saved in smaller chunks as you go, ready for post-production later.

But all in all the new features seem to have gone particularly well with Podcasters, and we’ve spoken to several who are now recording whole shows like this. Great stuff, and we’re enjoying hearing the results!

We’re still actively looking for feedback on our recording and multi-party sessions; take a look at our previous blog post for how to enable beta features (hint: it’s in your “Profile” options”) and send your suggestions via email or in the comments below.