Multitrack: the official launch coming soon

After a beta period, it’s time for our multitrack recording feature to go mainstream, and this is a ‘heads up’. If you’ve been using the beta, read on for how you’ll be affected from the week of 12th August.

We’re fairly reserved about how we introduce new features in Cleanfeed. Stability has always been a focus for us; Cleanfeed is used for live radio around the world. For the organisations that rely on us, we know how the impact of a buggy or incomplete feature can affect your experience.

That’s why since its conception our multtrack has been a labelled a ‘beta’ feature. That means we wanted to give a heads up there may be bugs (though the few that were found were minor.)

More importantly we wanted to be able to take the time and reserve the right to make some adjustments to the user experience based on feedback. And that’s what we did; there’s been several small tweaks to the user experience.

What we have also done is been open in stating that when multitrack launches, will be part of our Cleanfeed Pro (subscription) service.

One group for whom this feature is a big deal is high end podcasters, which is why we opened the beta to everyone for the past several months, and also recently dropped the subscription rate for many podcasters.

So, here are the changes to prepare for, which will happen during the week of 12th August:

  • Multitrack recording becomes a feature of Cleanfeed Pro, and you’ll need to be a subscriber to use it. Read for information on our signing up, including a generous discounted rate for individuals.
  • Separate tracks is our recording mode where local parties go to the left channel, remote ones to the right. This will continue to be available in the standard Cleanfeed, just with a new name Stereo Split to reduce some confusion.

If you haven’t considered Cleanfeed Pro yet, we’d love you to give it a try; and keep in mind we expect the gap between standard and Pro to continue to widen with more features in the pipeline.

It’s our subscribers who mean the service can grow in function with new features, and we have them to thank for enabling us to offer the standard Cleanfeed to everone; a service that’s gradually becoming a staple of radio stations, podcasts and other people creating great content around the world.

Have a comment on anything we’re doing here at Cleanfeed? We get many messages so we can’t reply to all of them, but our co-counders do read all of them and we do love to hear from you: