Opening up Cleanfeed Pro for more individuals

We started Cleanfeed to enable people to create great content; by connecting the world in live, high definition audio.

Today we’re announcing a small change to our definition of ‘individual’ (previously ‘personal’) use. It means more podcasters and individuals can benefit from Cleanfeed Pro at over 35% off the full price. And our standard Cleanfeed is still available for all, for free, too.

It was clear when I laid down the first code for Cleanfeed, and its predecessors, that the Internet would make some of the things professional broadcasters were doing easier, cheaper and more available.

But this isn’t nearly as interesting as putting this exciting new technology in the hands of new people, creating new things.

One of these new groups of people is podcasters; some fantastic interviews coming out of kitchens and living rooms across the world, recorded in Cleanfeed. Whether its a side project, a new way to engage with potential customers from your other business, or just purely to share a topic you’re passionate about.

The discount rate of $22/£15/€17 is now available to (changes in bold):

  • Individual: for pleasure, or up to $10,000 of commercial activity in audio production.
  • Education: a recognised educational establishment, such as a school, college, university or students’ union.
  • Charitable: an official Registered Charity or non-profit in your locality

With this change our ambition is to let Cleanfeed Pro enable the people in our community with growing commercial work, such as podcasts or voice overs.

If it’s still not for you, we have our standard Cleanfeed available at absolutely no cost. So there’s a Cleanfeed for everyone — no reason not to be using it, and enjoying it. Check our website for a comparison of the features.

Don’t forget, only one party needs a Cleanfeed account. So your subscription (whether discounted or otherwise) covers you, and anyone else participating in a live session or recording.