Markers for Pro Tools & others

We’re excited to announce support for all remaining editors. Notably, Avid Pro Tools.

We announced Markers and notes feature late last year, which introduced importing into popular editing applications: Audacity & Hindenburg PRO, then Adobe Audition & Reaper.

Today we’re extending support to import markers & notes from Cleanfeed into Pro Tools and other popular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). These editors do not have specific marker file formats, but rather they leverage the power of the MIDI file format. So it was important to ensure we made the experiencie of importing these markers as seamless as possible.

The process is similar to just importing specific markers, however there are some additional checks you might need to adhere to, in which case we remind you to look at these considerations that are documented in our best practices for editors when working with Cleanfeed recordings; and if you think there’s something should be added then let us know.

Cleanfeed markers is even more usable across productions like podcasts, journalism and audio drama.