New ways to connect

Ever since launch, it’s been one of the features our users have talked about the most; the simplicity of opening a full-band audio link just by sending an email.

And email is great, but sometimes it’s not the most reliable. Now you can make a Cleanfeed connection by other means, too.

Maybe the other party has an over-enthusiastic spam filter. Or maybe you’re already in a chat with somebody, in which case it’s pretty inconvenient to have them switch over to email to receive your invite.

Now, when you go to Invite, you’ll be given the option to go Advanced. Select I’ll share the link myself. You’ll get a URL that you can copy-paste into a message on Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, carrier pigeon or your other favourite communication method.

Remember, that invites are persistent too. No need to re-send one for each connection. And for links you’re using again and again you can even bookmark them in the browser to pick up exactly where you left off.

Stick with us for more “advanced” features coming soon.