Add some colour to a microphone shockmount

When we started the blog we wanted to get straight to the really important issues (cough) going on at Cleanfeed headquarters and address the community’s most frequently asked questions. This is one…

Last time, in Remote pair programming with Cleanfeed I included a photo of my test setup, a basic shockmount mic with red cable and red mount. Several people got in touch with us by email to ask where to acquire such a stylish, custom made studio accessory.

So let’s pick up the slack (pun intentended) where Canford, Studiospares and others don’t.

Not suprisingly, the answer is… hair bands. The elastic type. These can be picked up at rather good value on eBay, and why buy 2 when you can buy 200?!

Of course, your mileage may vary and some experimentation might be needed, especially on length and elasticity which is highly dependent on the shockmount in use.

But at the price, I’d suggest picking up a few from different suppliers and finding what works best for you. With any luck, a couple of quid will address a saggy-mic situation and get you a makeover at the same time.

Our friends at Radio Lollipop provided this tip from their pretty neat and rather snazzy studios! They do some great things for children in hospitals around the world, well worth supporting. Keep up the good work guys!