Starting a podcast: 101

If your New Year’s resolution is to start a podcast and you’re looking to interview guests or have a co-host remotely, here’s how to do it with Cleanfeed.

Cleanfeed works by having you, the podcaster, as the host. 

This is the same way professional radio stations are arranged, allowing you to invite guests to contribute and control the audio. 

To get started you’ll need some equipment. A computer, some closed headphones (to avoid echo), and a microphone. You can plug these directly into your computer, or through an audio interface.

Once you’ve got an updated version of Chrome running and made some space on your hard disk, you’re ready to start.

Checking that your mic works and the volume level is correct means you’ll get the best results.

Then, use the +connect button to send invites to your guests. They can join by clicking the link in the email.

Once your guests are connected, you can hit record. Saving your recording as you go along is good practice, and most people save every 15 minutes

The Pro version of Cleanfeed gives you more control of the audio, so you can start adding background music clips, recording to separate tracks (multitracks) and much more.

Cleanfeed is a great way to podcast, good luck and get creative!